Here we go

by Josh

Allright, here we go.
This is my blog. I am quite hesitant to start writing, because writing this blog actually scares me. This is great.
Being scared is one of my favourite states of being, it gives me a sense of being alive and I can rest assured, that something is happening that makes me grow as a person and stretches the boundaries of what I can do. So this little blog is about my humble attempt at leading an awesome life, being an awesome person and the many things that help me along the way. Hopefully, reading this will make a difference for those who do. It is my intention to describe the principles that I use as simple and divert as I can.I don’t really have a clue how to do that, but that’s not really important. What is important is to GET STARTED

It is a goal that I set myself this year, to become good at doing things even when I don’t have a clue how to do them. Like so many people, I tend to overthink things and then get stuck in the hesitation. Life is short and I deeply believe it is too short not to do the things that one feels drawn to.
And here is my greatest fear:
To die with regret
So this is also about pushing my comfort zone and just go for it, for the sake of it. Writing and publishing this blog will help me create more accountability. From what I’ve tried so far, accountability is the single greatest tool to achieve my goals.

So why is it called “don’t whistle while you pee”?
Because it is all based on mindfulness.
My Dad always used to tell me about this ancient Buddhist saying whenever I dropped a cup or fell over the cat.
I will write one article every ten days (give or take) for a whole year about self-development, experiments, habits, Zen, communication, sports and living an awesome life.

“If you dont dare to step in the water, you’ll never learn to swim”
– my Grandma