Boredom is awesome

by Josh

Recently someone told me how great it is to have an IPhone, because you never have to be bored. Now I do find Iphones (of other people) very useful at times, but I would never get one for myself. With all these modern gadgets, you never have to switch off. Distraction is always available. Now I am not a saint myself, I check f***book and email a lot more than necessary and I know that I am addicted to listening to music on my mp3 player. These “cokaine pellet dispensers” get us so hooked to it that they start using us instead of the other way round. Just yesterday, I was inside University, mindlessly drooling on the keyboard, somewhere deep down in the bowels of facebook. Then I noticed that  I was actually late for meeting REAL friends. AND the sun was shining! My point is, that all these distractions we are bombarded with (or bombarding ourselves with) might be useful/beautiful/relaxing or whatever, but over all this we forget how to be bored.

I love being bored.
Not because it is a nice feeling, no, I want to escape it as everyone else, but if accepted, it can be a very handy tool.
Quite often, the uncomfortable feeling we get when we are bored comes from something in our lives that wants our attention, but we reject it.
Paying attention to the things that come up inside yourself when you are bored can be very informative. It can also release amazing creative energy, maybe you’ll find yourself whistling a tune that you know from your childhood. Being bored is a very beautiful personal experience and it is hugely undervalued in our ever-busy, achievement-craving world.
What’s going up in there? What do your everyday thoughts circulate about?
When was the last time you just sat under a tree and did absolutely nothing?
Seek some boredom this week, even if it is only five minutes.
See what is going on up there in your mind, have a look if anyone’s home 🙂