The 2012 New Years Turbolution

by Josh

All the best work is done the way the ants do things – by tiny but untiring and regular additions.” –  Lafcadio Hearn

Inbetween eating ridiculously huge meals, riding speedboats and digging holes on the beach with our new Dutch friends, my brother and me created something awesome in the beginning of this year in Cancun, Mexico. We  created a new years resolution that makes a difference for both of us and channels our natural brother-competitiveness into synergetic growth.
It is based on three principles

1. What gets measured, gets managed
2. Human fear of loss is an incredibly powerful motivator
3. Keeping promises to others is easier than keeping promises to yourself

We wanted exercises that were easy to do (anywhere without props) in order to to make it easy to achieve.
So we decided to each do at least 50 Pullups, 50 Push-ups, 50 Squats and 10 minutes of meditation EVERY DAY and to revision the whole thing after roughly 80 days.
To step into the first principle, we decided to log our progress in a simple excel-spreadsheet, so we could compare the effort we both put into it. Pretty simple, just comparing who does more…
Then, to step into the second principle, we decided that the punishment for missing a day (or doing less than the minimum amount of exercises) would have to be quite strong to keep motivation consistently high.
So, per day that we fail to do our exercises one spoonful of catfood must be eaten.
Pretty disgusting right?
But that really ensures that we hang in there and not let our laziness take over.I’ve only had to eat one spoonful so far, and I am not looking forward to the next ones.This is a very simple example of how to stick to a fitness routine and it can be applied to other things, like quitting smoking for example.A nice by-effect of it (besides becoming fitter and stronger than ever) is that when I do my exercises, I feel close to my brother even though he is 400 kilometres away.Next weekend we will meet again to design version 1.1 of the Turbolution, and I am already looking forward to it (that and seeing my bro eat three spoonfuls of catfood… well I need to eat 2 as well -_-).

Who do you want to team up and compete with?
What do you want to achieve?