How to become a superhero Tonight

by Josh

One thing I am very passionate about and that I frequently share with people around me is a “brainsport” called Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is what happens, when “you are aware that you are dreaming, while you are dreaming”. The effect is quite dramatic and maybe some have experienced it by accident. Your role switches from mere observer to creator of your own world. 
When you learn to lucid dream, you can:

2.Breathe under water, or walk on its surface
3. Meet anyone that you would like to meet 
4. Visit the moon
5. Have any sort of superpower
6. you name it 😉

These are just examples and since you are the master of your own dreams once you become lucid, your only boundary is your own imagination.
Do you remember that scene from The Matrix where Neo and Morpheus enter the construct?
You can get this room too and “upload” anything you’d like, to practice anything you’d like. And best of all, like Morpheus explains so nicely, it seems vivid and real. 
Now, Lucid Dreaming is not an easy thing to learn, so it can be a little frustrating, when you practice and there are no lucid dreams coming up. But once you’ve had a couple you will never want to miss it again.
It fits nicely into the concept of mindfulness, since the first step to becoming a lucid dreamer is to be aware of your dreams and write them down.
Dreams can tell you a lot about yourself and your life, and can serve as a resource for creativity, fun and wisdom.
This is where I’d like to introduce Tim Post and his website Lucidipedia.
I could go on explaining the (surprisingly simple) steps to becoming a lucid dreamer, but he does that a lot better.
It takes dedication and persistence but waking up after alucid dream, it feels like you’ve just been on holiday, you wake up excited and happy. Like a three year old.
Try it out, its awesome, dude!