Le cold shower

by Josh

I was lucky enough to be able to spend last week among the most amazing people in Berlin at the “Theatertreffen der Jugend”. We did workshops, watched a play every evening and partied every night.
It was quite a strenuous week actually and I rarely slept more than 4-5 hours.
One thing that really helped me with my lack of sleep and energy though was one thing that has amazing effects on my mental as well as my physical health.

Enter le “cold shower”.
Hey everyone, I am the cold shower! You might know me from frustrating experiences with small water balloons at cheap hostels or that scence from James Bond in Casino Royale (awesome movie).
A lot of people don’t like me, because I make them feel like their heart stops for a moment, and they have trouble to breathe, when infact, I am an incredibly helpful fella!
I’ll just illustrate my beneficial effects on Josh.
I make him feel awesome in the morning, because he starts his day with something that is outside of his comfort zone, leaving him boosted and feeling very alive. I improve his blood circulation (especially in the morning, when he is slow, grumpy and has sacks under his eyes). I make his skin look healthier by closing the pores and making the blood flow faster.  I strengthen his immune system and increase the number of white blood cells (those are the ones with the little police hats on). I increase his Testosterone production (better regeneration from workouts, injuries, and of course, that other thing as well ;). I completely renew his state when he feels like a bag of arse (grandma says, “when you feel bad, put your head in the toilet and flush”). And best, I decrease his energy costs and ecological footprint.

When I feel sad, I stop (have a cold shower) and be awesome again.
-true story

Thanks, cold shower!

…in the next scene he was happily jumping, running and shooting bad guys again. All thanks to the odd cold shower 🙂