If you gotta be a zombie, be a productive zombie

by Josh

We only have a limited capacity to make decisions every day (a fenomenon called ego-depletion). It is like the Mana reservoir in many fantasy-games, only that you can’t just down some blue potions and you’re back in the game. 

That’s why it can come in really handy to have routines aka. habits.
In the morning, when my mind is still sluggish and my whole body is screaming to get back into the fuzzy warmth of an undeserved sleep-in, it can be incredibly hard to take a powerful decision (getting out of bed that is).
So, basically what that morning routine does is, it takes the responsibility off my poor sleepjunkie-ass and eases me into the day, like an attractive nurse eases you into a hot bathtub.
Here’s what I do.
1.I stumble out of bed, my alarm clock on the other side of the room, next to the door.
2.I get out of the room immediately to lose sight of that sinful pit that is my bed.
3.I go to the bathroom to have a drink of water and brush my teeth (and other bathroom duties).
4.Off to the shower for a 3-5min. cold shower.
5. I put on the clothes that I picked out the evening before unless the weather has changed drastically
6. This spot is quite valuable and can be filled with pretty much anything you please. For those who have read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, this is a perfect time to do Quadrant 2 activities. These are activities that are very important, but not urgent and thus very easily neglected while we rush through the day. In my case they often include:
Reading (books that is, never emails or facebook)
Barefoot Running
Bike repair
7. Breakfast
Pretty simple aye, but it helps me getting stuff done and most importantly, out of bed and into a productive day without all that sitting around, wondering what to do next and draining my decisive energy.