A simple way to take the leap

by Josh

When I used to work in New Zealand at YMCA Wainui Park, we did a lot of cliff jumping with the kids. Many a times I would stand up there on that 5m tall slab of black rock we called “Papa Bear”, a shaking kid next to me. The challenge, of course, was to jump into the turquoise waves beneath us. Back then, we used a simple, yet very effective trick to get them going.

The countdown. 
Either just the instructor silently, or the whole group together, roaring, gave them a count down from 3. “3-2-1-gooo” simple as it may seem, more often than not, they would just go for it, bobbing back up to the surface in wonder about what they just achieved. Good times.

Anyways, I still use this exercise a lot.
You see, I would never call myself a courageous person. I just tend to do courageous things at times.
Whether it is about making an uneasy phonecall, talking to a stranger, or jumping headfirst off a cliff, doing this has helped me getting out of over-contemplation into action.
3-2-1, bring it on!Image