At your service

by Josh

At the Moment, I am reading a book that is very inspiring to me in many ways .

One chapter is about the principle of service and how that guy aspires to leave every room or place better than he found it.
I’ve been trying this out over the last couple of weeks and it has been a great source of fun and productivity.
Even in my own room which I leave several times a day, I can always find something new that I need to take out, put (or give) away or clean.

The “broken-window-theory” states that the physical decay of a space or area attracts crime and deviant behavior, leading to more physical decay and so forth. It is named so, because these effects can be observed even when the area looks fine apart from, say a broken window, thats not being fixed for a while.

This can be applied to rooms as well (I think). Not that a couple of socks on the floor make me steal stuff, but living and working in an untidy space feels highly irritant to me.

Small actions matter.
Rub out that pencil line on your desk at uni, pick up that single sheet of toilet paper(that makes the whole room seem disgusting in a way) in a public toilet
or clean and put away one extra dish in the kitchen, even if you didnt make it dirty (here’s a little poster in A4 Format I made, to put in shared Kitchen facilities).
The possibilities are just as endless as peoples mindlessness.
Of course, you could also extend this to people. To try and leave every person better than you found them. Smile, share, offer help, or acknowledge someone.
The time I spend doing these things always feels like time really well spent.
Damn, sometimes I even feel like a friggin superhero, trying to stay unrecognized while I do my secret good deeds.

Oh and that book is called “Ikigai” by Sebastian Marshall
Have a great Weekend!


My godfather, probably the most industrious person I know