Listen to your heart = Listen to your Tummy

by Josh

They always say “follow your heart”. But hearts are so flickery, they do whatever they want. 

My belly infact seems to be a pretty good compass, especially when it comes to big decisions.
The best and biggest decisions I’ve made in my life so far, I have done by following my gut feeling.
When I got the turnover, they appeared to be the best decisions both rationally and… well that other thing… magic or so.

Here are some examples:

My first girlfriend, believe it or not, I found because I immediately knew that there was something special going on. We had three great years jam-packed with social experiments and we are still in touch.

Joining the Theatre group at my old school. We ended up being invited to Berlin, to the most prestigious (youth) Theatre Festival in Germany.

Going to work as a builder.
I took the decision to quit my economics study and become a builder, browsing through the book “homemade houses” in the workshop of my best friends dad. Even though my original goal of becoming an apprentice ( and eventually a builder) didn’t work out (which was devastating for me at the time), I learned a LOT, got really strong and earned the money that eventually brought me to

New Zealand.
A very dear friend of mine (of my gut feeling too) told me about his work at YMCA Wainui Park in New Zealand. He was raving about it. I had money, but no idea what to do. I was really scared of flying and being so far away from home. But I took the decision to go in an instant.

Coming back from New Zealand I had no clue what to do with my life whatsoever. I had some ridiculous ideas, but no motivation to make them reality. One evening, I stumbled upon Tim Post, the founder of Lucidipedia. A Dutch fella who had studied psychology in the Netherlands.
Within an hour, I had not only picked out the university, but had also talked to a professor and filled out the application forms. One week later, wondering what actually happened, I sat in a Dutch language course.

There is only one thing you need to do.
Aka. Keep moving forwards.
As long as you stay fluid and open to change, your guts will guide you.

For example, you could tell people about what you would like to do.
If you don’t tell anyone about your dreams, because you are ashamed or too afraid that you might fail, your chane of getting there is 0%
Let me repeat this. If you don’t DO anything, your chance to get anywhere near your dreams is 0. Nil, nothing, nada.
You will die one day, wondering what scared you so much.
One of my favourite excuses not to do stuff that I would like (or love) to do is:
“I don’t know how” or “I need more information”.
About half a year ago, I wanted to start a blog. I had no clue.
I did it anyway. It’s great fun and a huge source of inspiration.
It would’ve been so easy just to say, nah, you know I have a lot of stuff to do and I don’t know what to write about anyway.

Anything is better than nothing.
Be content to do anything at all and look like a damn fool.
It might not necessarily be the best way, but guess what.
The chances rise. Now you might only be 0.32% closer to what you want, but its not flippin zero anymore.
You get my point?
Action, doing anything, is better than sitting on your arse, waiting desperately for your life to happen.
One day, when I have this and that I will be happy, cool, be able to relax, bla bla.
Guess what!?
It’s not going to happen.
Unless you take action.
Unless you take action, and start delivering, you will be a plastic bag in the breeze.