It’s infection time! Let’s spread some diseases!

by Josh

The days are getting shorter, cold gusts of wind dry out my nostrils. Autumn is taking it’s annual toll of hot snot and mild depression.
I close my eyes at university or in the library and it sounds like a hospital waiting room.
People sneeze, cough and touch each other, oblivious to the plethora of microbes they infect each other with.
Straphiloccus Strepsidiplodocus, Influenza Multicolora, Tyrannosaurus Rex.
You have no idea what’s going on inside and outside your body and yet you distribute these little fellas, especially in your everyday social interactions with family, friends and colleagues, with little control over the whole thing.

But those are not the kinds of diseases I am talking about.
Please let me invite you to spread dis-ease.
Dis-ease is the feeling you get when you try out new things, when you do stuff that is not easy.
Stuff that you can’t do “at ease”.
Those around you will feel it, too.
If you question your status quo, you will be made fun of, look like a fool and fail. A lot.
The mockery part stems largely from the dis-ease that people around you feel, when you stretch your boundaries.
But if you keep trying, eventually you will form a fresh, beautiful habit.

Personal behavioral patters (aka. habits) or traits are contagious. Research has proven this for being fat, being lonely (interesting aye!?) and being generous.
They say, that we are the average of the five people we spend most time with. Maybe it’s those five people who we are infecting or infected by.
In a 2010 study from Princeton University, researchers found out, that generosity (aka. kindness) “cascades through social networks”.
Being generous to others makes them more generous towards others, which then makes those… you get it?!

The other side of the coin is, that bad habits are also infectious.
And as you know, bad habits are usually the ones that are easily picked up.
So, in my own opninion, I would suggest, that bad habits (smoking, complaining, badmouthing… you name it) are more infectious than good habits.

What are you infecting your peeps with?
What disease would you like to spread?

Chef’s recommendation:
Google “anonymous good deed” and try out some of the stuff you find. Both highly addictive AND infectious.