Being in Action > Looking Good

by Josh

Good Morning!

It’s tuesday the 23rd 9:30 Central European time.
I am stressed. I have an exam in consumer behavior coming up and another one on. I have had a couple of smaller and bigger disappointments over tha last few days and I am really not feeling it bro.
Needless to say that this is not the ideal state to write stuff that is meant to be inspiring and uplifting to others.
So here I am, bringing my words to paper, knowing that I neither have the time, nor the patience or the mojo to write.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to bathe myself self-pity or -praise.
That’s not what this blog is about (and if you feel like it is, please let me know).
Like I said before, it is better to do poor, than to do nothing at all. If you want to form new habits, you gotta just push through these moments and phases where you just don’t friggin want to.
If you wait for the right moments, right circumstances, right people too much, you will waste your life waiting.
More and more, I gain the impression, that living a cool life really depends on habits more than on anything else (character, good looks, talent, all of these things that we use as excuses because we apparently lack them).