The unexpected benefits of cleaning up other people’s poo stains

by Josh

In september I got a new job. It is definitely not my dream job, but it pays well, the colleagues are nice and it has several other benefits that I want to talk about. Oh, I am cleaning university buildings, and yes, that includes the bathrooms.

First of all, it is the most effective way I ever found to motivate me to start my days early.
As I’ve mentioned earlier, fear of loss, or avoidance is a very strong way to motivate people. There is even research that shows that peoples aversion against losses (my god, I might lose my job) is a stronger motivator than possbile gains.
So yeah, I get up every morning, monday to friday, between five and six o’clock.

“I could never do that, getting up so early would kill me” others tell me.
Well, I am pretty sure it would soon kill me as well if I didn’t have the second unexpected benefit of the job which is:

Managing my time.
When getting up so early was not a choice anymore, I soon realized that I do need to go to bed earlier. I need between six and eight hours of solid sleep, otherwise I look like a bag of arse in the morning.
So now, if I can manage I go to bed between ten and eleven. This way I have to get my daily chores, turbolution goals, and studying tasks done in a sensible time. I can’t put them off until late, otherwise I deprive myself of my sleep.
I’ve come to believe that providing sufficient and quality sleep for yourself is a key habit when wanting to stay healthy and fit (healthy and fit are not the same).
After I finish work, I go straight to uni, where I usually have one hour left until my first lecture starts, so I can prepare and read stuff.

Time to listen to audio books
While I am mopping and sweeping away in the quiet (and beautiful, gotta love Dutch architecture) buildings, I try and polish my general knowledge by listening to audiobooks or podcasts. This makes the work itself a lot more enjoyable and I learn loads.
Also, I don’t end up dreading my once favourite music because I listen to it too much.

Reading over this again, this article might also be called “the benefits of getting up early”.
The job just gave me a strong motivation to do so and all the benefits that come from it can also be achieved by just getting up early (apart from being paid of course).

The downside.
Getting up early during the week is not a good idea if you want to be popular or have a social life that is mainly based on evening-activities and/or recreational drugs.
I gotta say, my social life has shifted a fair bit, since I really don’t go out during the week anymore.
Do I feel lonely sometimes? Yes.
Do I feel like I am missing out on something/bored? Definitely no.