A simple way to stick to your commitments

by Josh

Good god.
I can tell you, I am mighty tired.
It’s friggin quarter past five in the morning and my bed has developed the gravitational force of a mid-size cosmic black hole.
As I write, the light gets sucked out of the room and spacetime bends and wiggles.
Indeed, it does not makes wirting easier, but I’ve made a commitment to write an Article every week before 10am.
The reason why I get up this early is, of course, that I want to keep that commitment, and I have to be at work at seven. There is not much time inbetween.
Could I muster up the same motivation for all of my goals? No way in hell.
You would like to know why I keep this one here so religiously?
Public accountability.
This cute little blog has around a thousand hits a month (domo-arrigato).
This is not a lot and I would love to see it grow more, but it is definitely enough, to make me scared of public failure.
I’ve recently heard that the most common human fear is not the fear of dying, but the fear of having to speak in public (and fail).
I think that is what makes commitments so much more powerful, when we publicly announce them.
And in these days this is easier than ever.
I’ve seen so many sandwiches, sundowns and other random internet shit being published on facebook, it makes my head spin.
I’d love to see more public commitment there.
Like a public commitment to quit smoking, to begin a martial art, or reduce screen time to 30 minutes a day.
Whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, make it public, make it real.