Feng Shui & Minimalism

by Josh

When I was around 13 I got the book “The gospel according to Larry” for my birthday. It’s about a young american who owns only 100 objects. The idea immediately fascinated me, and made me aware of the incredible amount of things that I owned. Like most children in the western world, I grew up in material abundance. Every free space of the room I shared with my brother was crammed with all sorts of Legos, dressups and random stuff.

Some months later, I read “Clear your clutter with Feng Shui” a book, mainly on decluttering.
Just reading the first few pages I felt a huge motivation to get rid of stuff.
I started filling bag after bag with stuff that we never used, to be either given away, binned, or sold.

Getting rid of stuff. Aaah, I love it.
Of course, everyone enjoys a clean and tidy space to live and work in, yet few know the joyful relief one feels when decluttering.
When was the last time you got rid of something that just gathers dust and is of no use to you?
Being a minimalist, to me means not to own things for the sake of owning them.
If it is something you neither use, nor REALLY love, I try to get rid of it.
Stuff weighs us down, ties us up and looms in the corners and cupboards like an invisible slime . Problem is, we don’t notice these effects until we start to declutter.
I don’t know if there is any measurable scientific evidence to Feng-Shui, I don’t even care that much.
What I do know is the huge increase in general well-being I get from living in uncluttered, clear and clean spaces.