Baby Wisdom

by Josh

It dawned to me last weekend when I woke up with my month-old nephew cradled on my lap.
This might be the most valuable part of minimalism.
It forces choices upon us.
If you want to own less and do less, you have to get to know yourself.
My nephew spent most of his day sleeping. Being awake, he was screaming at the top of his lungs or barfing on me.
Not exactly how I would imagine a relaxed weekend.
I dind’t get anything done either (university, workouts, reading,writing, meditation, etc., etc.).
Yet. I was happy and very pleased with what I was doing.
I could’ve spent the weekend working, partying or working out, but my health and my family are the two most important things to me.
And napping with my nephew, I served both.

Who are the people you really care about?
What values, attitudes and principles are really important to you?
And then: Do your everyday actions, your agenda, your habits, what you say and consume represent that?
What can you shave off, to better serve your highest values and the people you truly care about?