You are a role model

by Josh

Being a role model, or a leader has nothing to do with getting to tell others what to do, or being adored.
Much rather, it is about acknowledging your responsibility.
As I had written before, research gives reason to believe, that our behaviors and habits strongly influence those around us and vice versa.

I would thus suggest, that everyone, who is at all socially active, is a role model for others.
In our everyday actions, we create a status quo for the people we are in contact with.
The saying goes that you are the average of the five people you spend most time with.
What do you reckon that average is? And are you comfortable with it?

You are a role model, from the way you say good morning, to your choice of foods, to the things you share or read on the internet.

Ever heard of the 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant, who made a living from being a professional pool player?
He created a morale, named the categoric imperative.
Basic statement of the categoric imperative is, that people should always act in a way, that the law of the whole nation could be based on this behavior.
So a) What if everyone acted like I do?
and b) Would I like to be treated in such manner?
Or, in other words, treat others as you’d like to be treated.
So often, I come across people who are strongly convinced, that they don’t have an impact on the world, that they can’t make a difference.
A cheap excuse for mediocrity and laziness.
They say, they see no use in reducing their meat consumption, since it’s less than the proverbial drop on a hot stone.
They say that their contribution to global warming is utterly neglectable.
They say, mind your own business.
And they are right.
But they are also wrong.
Maybe you can’t change the world. But we can ALL change ourselves and adapt to standards and values that we believe beneficial for the human race.
You are a human being. You are blessed with a skill unique in the animal kingdom – reasoning. It creates a space between a stimulus and your response to it.
(for example, you don’t try to mate with every partner that seems suitable… I hope…).
You have the ability to make conscious choices about your everyday actions.
And, like Dr. Stephen Covey said, “in these choices lie our growth and our happiness“.
Not just your own, but also that of the people around you.
Your behavior sets an example, if you like it or not.
The question is, do you accept the challenge?
You are the status quo.
May the force be with you.