Christmas catch-up

by Josh

Ho Ho Ho.

Just a small after-Christmas-catch-up.
First of all, I’d like to acknowledge that I am NOT on time this week.
I am late.
The promise is to publish a new post weekly before tuesday 10:00 the latest.
To make up for it, you’ll get two posts this week, including the first ever
Dontwhistlewhileyoupee video Podcast!!!

Christmas went very well.
All I gave for Christmas was amazing Dutch cumin cheese and acknowledgement.
I was kind of anxious that it wouldn’t work, that it is not really an appropriate gift.
I wrote every one of my family members (those that can read) a letter.
In this letter, I told them what they mean to me, what I think they are great at and what I find impressive about them.

In the words of my friend Chris: “I recommend it!”
Seeing how moved and happy they were about their letters made my heart sing.

So here’s a few words from your kid brother
If you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell ’em
People never get the flowers while they could smell ’em