Leave Something Behind in 2012

by Josh

Exactly a year ago, I was sitting in a sand hole on the beach of Cancun.
To introduce our Dutch friends to this ancient German tradition, we had dug it together with them. Showing them how much fun it is to dig huge holes in the sand to sit in them.

Later that day, we participated in a Landmark Education event.
I don’t know the exact outlines anymore, but what made it really special to me, was a little exercise.
Instead of setting up resolutions for 2012 and pre-cluttering this fresh new year, we were asked to write down something, we wanted to leave behind, in 2011 and in Cancun.

“Write down one or two things, that you are already done with, but you keep carrying them around and keep mulling over them”, the leader said.
I wrote down: “beating myself up”.
I never physically abused myself, but when I made mistakes or blunders, I was quick with very harsh words against myself.
Inaction in particular very often led to me self-loathing.
But I knew how unproductive this was and I was ready to let it go.

So I wrote it down and tossed it in the bonfire later that evening, taking in the relaxed and happy atmosphere and the happy people around me.

BUT. Very secretly, I believed it to be hokus pokus.
The next day, I caught myself, analyzing why I am so often lonely (especially in groups)
and how much cooler everybody else is.
And then I got it.
Change in attitude or behavior is not magical, it is a decision.
Allright, you watched this piece of paper burn yesterday, now stop it.
And I stopped.
And not for long, it stopped.
I stopped verbally abusing myself in my head.
I would like to invite you to use this special day today, to leave something behind as well.
You could write in on a piece of paper and tie it to a bonfire.
Whenever your mind returns to it, you can think of how that bonfire popped and get on with in.

Part from something inside you and declutter your mind for 2013.
It’s gonna be the best year ever