Off the Horse and the Value of Writing

by Josh

Time and again I am surprised and delighted by the hidden quality of writing that people can produce.
May this be the first of many great guest-posts
This is a guest Post from my friend Tobi:


Writing is like a meditation, while doing it I can free my mind from all this superfluous stuff revolving there at the rest of the day and focus only this activity. On top it’s a good moment to reflect the writing down experiences of my life, think about the subliminal but valuable messages they give to us and draw conclusions from them for myself.Perhaps somebody reads these lines and finds some good food for thought for his own life. In my opinion communication, sharing stories from our life and learning from each other is a fundamental component of our human existence and so much more interesting than the other boring and insignificant everyday-blah or the death of original interpersonal relations: the screen.

I – Communication

One day when I was on holiday in Berlin, I walked alone through the subway station “Bahnhof Zoo”. While passing the stairs to the train, between all these hurried and musing people an old man sitting on the steps. He had long ruffled hair, a shaggy beard, ragged clothes and life marks all over his face. In spite of he had a friendly face. I smiled on him and as he noticed me he answered with a warm smile, too. Then I moved along.

Two days later I saw him again, sitting on the same stairs. I moved to him, dismounted from my horse and divided my coat with a big sword. Damn no! I’m not St. Martin. But it’s a good metaphor for getting down from our high horses and getting in contact with people out of the acceptance of our “normal” life. I didn’t want to behave in a compassionate way toward him, because with pity I would place me above him. Furthermore, donating money wordlessly seemed to me like an indulgence trade and not suitable for this situation with the old man who ignited my interest.  I wanted to spend time with him, talk to him and find out who he was and why he was sitting there.

We meet so many people every day: At work, in the university, in the bus, while shopping and so on. But we don’t pay any attention to most people, although sometimes there are only a few centimetres between us. But instead of making contact with each other we escape our looks and awareness in the screens of our smartphones and netbooks to communicate with people far away – which paradox! As human beings we are always searching for interesting social contacts, good friendships and fulfilling partnerships but ignore the chance at hand. Moving dumbly like machines, always trying not to bang together. But the people we meet every day are more than silent bodies. They are human beings, too, and they have so much to say. Everybody has so many experiences to share with us which give us important information for our own life. In addition especially people with another lifestyle like the old man can open us new aspects of life we never had before. Of course, we haven’t enough time to talk with everybody for hours, but the small attention for somebody, the short smile, already can make our daily life much more human.

So come on! Let’s open our mind, dismount from our horses and get in contact with more people in our surroundings. It will be so instructive and make our everyday life much more humanly and exciting.