Un-To-Do (your Room)

by Josh

Blue Wood – felinsky.tumblr.com

If I don’t pay attention, I turn my room into a To-Do list.

A lot of people think that Feng Shui is a load of Hokus Pokus.
And it might very well be.
Yet, there are certain principles that are just very logical and thus appeal to me.
One of those is that the space you work in shouldn’t be mixed up with the space that you sleep or rest.

Just put everything away that represents  a To-Do item.

In my case for example:

The books on the floor, some to be read, some to be sold.
The rubble on the desk, which was barely visible beneath to-do lists, scientific papers and random stuff.
The Matress leaning against the wall, just in case someone’s visiting.
The workout irons I never ever use.

This kind of stuff gives you a microscopic sting of bad conscience when you look at them.
It’s almost like those items on a rooms to do list are like a constant hum.
Like having a rusty refrigerator next to you bed, or a dripping tap.

Don’t let stuff dabble with your mood like that.
I know it sounds cheesy but;

By putting away stuff that you don’t use, you free your mind.

No need to actually get rid of it, just make sure it is out of sight.
If there is something really important and needs to be done, write it down.

Doing this is a huge relief.
While doing it, I actually got some things done that I had wanted to do for a long time.
My room is now emptier that ever before, calm.
It contains only things that I
a) use on a daily basis
b) like to look at

‘Nuff said