After 15 Days on Plants

by Josh

First of all, I want to point out something.
One of the very valuable things I learned at University, is the capability to think critically.
This encloses, not to take one single account of anything as evidence for everything.
What I mean is, just because I have noticed the following things about living vegan does not mean that they are at all applicable to any other person.
For example: My attitude towards veganism and it’s potential health benefits was quite positive beforehands. A wretched little thing called confirmation bias will lead my subconscious to look for cues everywhere to confirm, what I already believed to be true.
This confirmation bias makes people incredibly hard to persuade of different world views. If you try to convince, say, purveyors of creationism of the fact that Darwins theory of evolution is not a mere theory, but a scientific fact, after a long and probably tiring discussion, they will not find their position weakened, but strengthened, however ridiculous or circular their arguments might be.
This means that all the subjective things I say later on might just be a product of several biases and/or placebo effects.
Also, they might not have anything to do with my change of diet.
Nevertheless I would like to share them.

I will only eat plant-based products for the month of March 2013.

Objective outcomes: 
I have tried out a plethora of new recipes.
So many new flavors, ingredients and ways to use vegetables to create delicious meals.
Last weekend for example my sister and me made pasta from courgettes, which, after a lot of coaxing even convinced my 2,5-year-old nephew who is a hardcore pasta freak.

I have learned a lot about nutrition and vitamins and whatnot.
This is also thanks to my housemate and friend Marcel, who studies food technology and decided to tag along and try out veganism (quite impressive if you know how much meat he devours every day).

Another thing I’ve noticed is how much I feel the urge to overeat.
I’m kind of proud of the giant portions I can eat and I often eat way too much.
Since I’ve gone vegan, this happens less and less.
And if I overeat, the effects (on my energy level and general well being) are small.

Like I said earlier, it is definitely a dontwhistlewhileyoueat-diet.
You suddenly have to pay attention to your diet and can’t just stuff stuff into your face.

Also, I spend more time cooking, something I have wanted to do for a while now.
Clearly, my diet has become a lot more varied, I eat way more different kinds of grains, vegetables, fruit, legumes and nuts.

I almost never eat by myself.
Since vegetables usually come in rather bulky, the dishes I prepare are often way too much for me. So I often share with my partner in crime Olivier or I have a lunch for the next day that I can take out.

The farts have come back.
Of course, I eat a lot of legumes and soy products AND I had had this before. Still, it’s annoying and I had hoped it would go away with a change of diet.

I haven’t done the maths yet, but living vegan is definitely not the cheapest diet.
Many of the ingredients for my recipes are only available at organic shops and I can’t be bothered making so much stuff myself.
(Very)Subjective Outcomes:

You might’ve expected this, but I do feel a lot lighter.
These days I never have to sit or lie down for an hour after a large meal.
I am plowing through my to do lists, and I approached a couple of tasks recently that were real “force-multipliers” (like my first real-world-business communication consulting yesterday, yay).

My mood is pretty damn stable. Now this is remarkable, because I can be a right diva when I’m either hungry or tired.
The self-talk in my head is also a lot less evil/nagging.

Getting up in the morning is a breeze. I get up everyday between 6:00 and 6:30.
Usually, this is a minor drama, to say the least.
These days it is fairly simple and I feel good when I get up.
Also, I sleep very well and can deal with <7hrs. of sleep much easier.

While I feel like I have much more energy, I don’t exactly feel super strong.
I can run and do Krav Maga and study no problem.
But in gymnastics, where I need a lot of static strength, I am not at my best.
This might also be caused or influenced by the fact that I have a cold…

All in all, I am quite pleased with how this is going.
Nothing spectacular, only minor drawbacks, a ton of energy.