Digital Beauty

by Josh

A couple of weeks back, it had seemed like spring had taken victory.
Insects were buzzing, the sun was shining, a gay couple dozing in the park.
I discovered a huge old oak that day, spreading its branches quiet and heavy over a glistening channel. The side of the tree facing the park almost looked like a ramp, shaped by the childplay of centuries.
It was an easy climb.
There was a comfortable seat, a nest, high up under the blue sky.
A light, sweet breeze brought the song of early birds to my ear as I sat there in my warm down jacket.
The dyke on the opposite side of the channel was full of people and they too seemed very happy.
I was shaken by the beauty of all this.
And then I noticed, how easily I could have missed this rare moment of joy.
How easily I could have opted for the sweet seduction of digital beauty instead.
Technology is amazing. Reason and science have taken us far.
But if we want to stay sane, we have to disconnect from time to time.
Remember, we live like animals in a zoo, hypnotized. 
Only you don’t have to. Plug out. Switch off. Disconnect.