After 30 Days on Plants

by Josh

Little Munchie
Well, what to say?
This has been rather unspectacular.
What impressed me most about the whole thing is, how easy it was.
Compared to how anxious I was before I started – going through these 30 days without animal products was a breeze.

What I liked:

I felt light, upbeat. Lifting myself out of bed was easy and my mood was very stable.
After-eating fatigue was rare.
I rarely ate by myself, shared a lot
I liked the role modeling. No eco-freak. Just an average Joe on plants.
Going shopping was über-fast. Hundreds of meters of shelves that I could just walk past.
I spent much more on high-quality, organic, local produce.
I tried out loads of new recipes and ingredients. Actually designed a new oatmeal cookie.
I learned a lot about vitamins and amino acids and stuff. And NO, VEGANS DON’T SUFFER FROM SCURVEY
My sense of taste seems much finer.
I chew more.
Quinoa, Oat-Milk, Millet, Smoked Tofu, Smoked Paprika, dried fruit, steamed carrots, roasted seeds and NUTS

What I didn’t like:

I farted a LOT in the beginning. It passed (no pun intended) after about two weeks.
I sometimes felt weak. Easy fix: a handful of nuts or dried fruit.
I lost 3kg. Not so cool if you are aleady a featherweight.
(I guess, if you want to lose weight, going vegan is awesome.)

This vegan thing is easy as. Simple . Minimalist.
I missed all the goodies a lot less than anticipated and damn I feel really good.
The challenge has been over for three days now.
I had expected to finish with a huge crave for meat and cheese and whatnot.
Quite the opposite.
I don’t  feel like going back.
Remember my friend Marcel that started together with me?
He feels the same. The man ate half a pig per day just a month ago.
Now he’s a happy hobby-vegetarian.
Somehow meat and dairy doesn’t really appeal to me anymore.
I will stick with it. Just a little less dogmatic.
Some eggs here and there and maybe a piece of cheese if I feel like it.
But for now I will keep to a mainly plant-based diet.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” ~ Albert Einstein