Minimalist Communication to make a Difference

by Josh

We all crave meaningful relationships.
Often, we think that getting there requires a lot of effort.
As so often, it is not easy, but incredibly simple. 
Here are some things you could try in interaction that will make a difference.

Listen to someone without thinking about what to say next.
Listen to someone with all your senses.
Ask someone what they like about their life.
Ask someone what it is that they are passionate about.
Ask someone who or what is important to them.
Ask for forgiveness.
Try to see the world through the other person’s eyes.
Give someone a sincere compliment. Or two.
Give someone a hug (you have my permission to be awkward).
Tell a joke.
Look into peoples eyes, they will look away first – if not-
Tell someone why you appreciate them being in your life.
Share something valuable with others
(hint: if your story makes you vulnerable, chances are that the story is valuable).
Read to a friend from a book that you like.
Show your (grand)parents appropriate appreciation and gratitude for everything they’ve done for you.
Dance like nobody is watching
(scientific fact: nobody IS watching, everybody else is self-conscious too)

None of this costs money.
None it takes a lot of time.
Screwing up is impossible.
Meaningful social interaction is what we all crave.
Give it away.