The necessity of failure (I don’t know)

by Josh

Hello my name is Erik, I am an old fried of Josh and also a artist and graphic designer, I study an live in Kassel, Germany.

Failure has become very important in my life, if you work for a client or on a sculpture or a illustration, if you search new ideas for a project or try to learn new skills, if you want to get a leap better (not just a step) then for me, fail is necessary! If you believe that your talent (and I mean EVERY talent or good habit not just design skills) grows with effort, then you seek failure as an opportunity to improve.

I really like Josh’s blog, the positive vibe and attitude and decided to ask if could write something for it about something that in my opinion is an awesome ability: To become comfortable with failure.

What is your relationship with difficulty, restraints or failure?

When you are honest with yourself, is there any influence in your life more powerful at forging your beliefs and inspiring your full engagement than failure?

Most of us are so afraid of failing that we don’t even risk it.

The worst thing is: risk, failure and rejection becomes something to avoid at all costs.

A habit is formed, in my opinion a really bad habit, it sits deep and is very hard to fight.

We stop putting ourselves outside so that people can respond to it. Infact, we close doors that could lead to great opportunities. This kind of feeling is normal. It is the fear of rejection, everyone has moments, small or big ones, of self-doubt. BUT…this kind of fear is also a test, you are onto something and damn you should pay attention to it and not shy away. The doubt comes not only from the inside, from your own personal critics, but also from without via our friends, family and well-wishers whose concern it is to keep you out of harm’s way and within your—or possibly their own—comfort zone. Lean into your fear and resist the “be like us” mentality from a society that wants you to fit in, they want you to be a sheep. But don’t be a sheep, try to be a lead, if not for others be a lead for yourself. Keep in mind that it is OK to fail, nothing brings more self-confidence than saying “ohh..that doesn’t work, but never mind, I do it again” and then you do it again and again…and then there will be this point were people will come around you and say:  WOW! what are you doing here…that’s awesome. You gain strength an experience by failure. But most of the people don’t even see the failure, they just see your personal success, and maybe honor your way to get there or ask you how you did it! Then it is up to you to help them find their paths!

For me success is 1% Genius and 99% of hard work, it’s about trusting your self ( or in the beginning learn to trust yourself because this is not easy) be yourself and leave the path…heck, if you are on a path, LEAVE IT, it’s not yours. Your personal greatness challenges others to fear for their own causes, battles and pursuits. Your personal freedom is a reminder of their own imaginary restraints and limitations. For others your confidence will be like a big shiny light because there is nothing more powerful than a confident man or woman. My point here is not about being Superman, Catwoman or Captain America, it is about being comfortable with who we are, comfortable with fail, comfortable with fear and comfortable with doubt. It’s about saying : I DON’T KNOW, to ask why or to scream for help and also to ask for what you deserve. In a way you need to begin before you ‘re ready and have the willingness to fail. Oh and at least….be cool  with failure…with great failure comes a great personality, with a great personality comes an exiting and awesome life.

cheers mates

from Erik with love

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

– Mark Twain