time to kill the monster – cutting down my screen time

by Josh

De Nuit
Ok ladies and Gentlemen.
It is time for a new challenge.
Another annoying habit to tackle.
I’ve seen it coming and you have probably too.
I spend way too much time in front of the computer.
I guess, as a student, that is a necessary evil, but if I was just reading and being productive, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.
But I don’t manage my internet consumption.
I get caught in youtube-rage and 9gag-mind-blackout.
I am a floating entity outside of my own body, unable to stop and despising myself as I get lost in the bowels of the whale.
I guess the common deathbed-regret of our generation will be that we’ve spent too much time on screens.
In the last 30 days I have spent 3394 minutes on my top-sites alone. (Measured with WasteNoTime)
That’s a whopping 56 hours and 34 minutes.
Translating that to normal workdays, I spend
THREE AND A HALF DAYS every month in front of my computer screen.
Three and a half days, and this is just my own laptop and online-activity.
This is just ridiculous.
This needs to stop.

From now on, I will only check facebook and mail twice a day.
Once at noon, and once in the evening around 19:00.
Further, I will track my time in front of the computer and get it below an hour per day.
Writing and reading (e-books) as well as skype conversations don’t count.
I hope I will not have to put this on the catfood-list as well
(Catfood list at present: being drunk, smoking and internet porn).