Less is more – minimalism in having and doing

by Josh

To me, the essence of minimalism is to reduce quantity in order to increase quality.


 The things you own end up owning you, right?
Imagine a world traveler. Everything she carries has a purpose. Carrying the weight of her belongings is not an easy one so every item is considered before it is taken on the journey.
Sure, not everyone can or wants to live like a traveller with nothing but the bare necessities.
But if we leave the unnecessary behind (trust me, its more than you expect) we can continue our journey with renewed vigour and a spring in our step.


Do less to get more done …wait what?!?
It is really counterintuitive but think about it for a second. More – not in terms of quantity, but of quality.
If we cut down on the things we do, it frees up our time to get busy with things that matter to us.
I can ‘study’ for five hours in a row, but spend  two hours of it dabbling away on newssites etc.
But if I manage not to whistle while I study, I can get the job done much quicker, feeling less exhausted with free time to play guitar afterwards.