by Josh

Maybe I should be reluctant to post this.
Maybe this makes me more of a terrorist than I am already.
This has nothing to do with the usual content of this blog and I am sorry if it is a bit of a ramble.
But everyone who has access to an audience should feel obliged to talk about these things these days.
We all know that we live in the most individualistic time ever.
Every gadget these days seems to be individualized these days and even sugary water sells better just because someones name is printed on it.
People sit together in groups and every single one of them is far away, dreaming mechanized dreams.
More and more we become aware that this does not provide the great freedom we expected.
More and more we see, that it is not about us, expressing our personality but about other people gathering data and monetizing and prosecuting us.
Yes, we are free to talk to anyone. But not about anything.
Suddenly, we are all either an asset to collect data, or terrorists.
We use digital communication so much, for most of us it has become near impossible not to share extremely sensitive data with the secret services.
But what’s the problem?
Why shouldn’t we, if it serves our safety and the bad guys go to jail?

He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither
-Ben Franklin

The problem, most simply put is, that we are losing the most important principle in our modern system of justice. In dubio pro reo.
If in doubt, a person is always innocent.
We are not innocent anymore. We are terrorists.
And what is a terrorist anyway?
Anyone can be called a terrorist.
Heck, back in the days the Nazis could have called the jews terrorists.
The only difference is, that with our modern biometric ID cards, it would have been near impossible for them to flee the country with fake IDs.
We must not trust our states that much.
There is never a guarantee that our states do not turn back into murderous, totalitarian regimes.
When this happens (where does your confidence come from, only seventy-odd years after WWII??) our data will be used against us.
Even in the unlikely event that our present system of states is stable, our data is not safe with our governments and secret services.
The German “Einwohnermeldeamt” is already happily selling all they know (which is an awful lot) to anyone who is willing to pay.
There are 1.85 million surveillance cameras in the UK.
Hundreds of people will have their 12 year anniversary at Guantanamo bay soon, without a proper charge and in a constant state of torture. Being gay, or acting gay is a crime in Russia.

I’m sorry, but has the world gone fucking mad???

Only after a lifetime of immaculate citizenship after we die, we are redeemed.
In death we are free, in death we are innocent.
Maybe there will be a print for tombstones in a few years, like an organic seal,
“not a terrorist”.
Yeah, in death we will not be suspicious anymore.

They couldn’t even prevent two amateurs with heavy use of social media from blowing up the boston Marathon.
How are they supposed to find real terrorists, who would show much more creativity and NOT TALK ABOUT THEIR PLANS ONLINE??
I mean, for gods sake, how much effort does it take to invent some little code language?

And so we’ve given up our freedom to talk about whatever we want for a security that is an illusion. For states that lie to us (weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!) in order to justify bestowing war and terror on us and other people.
Never have I ever been more paranoid.
Edward Snowden is a hero, he’s thoroughly destroyed my ignorance.
Imagine, two generations from now the children might grow up not even knowing what complete freedom of speech means.
We have to do something about this.
Learn to code your messages.
Read 1984 by George Orwell
Vote for pirate parties, as ridiculous as they may seem.
Go to demonstrations.
Whatever it is, we have to start defending our freedom or it will be gone forever.