20 questions about now

by Josh


Do you walk your talk?
Do you create? What do you create?
Do you create your future, or do you just let it happen to you?
Do you sweat the small stuff?
Do you count your blessings?
Do you invent things to do to avoid the important?
Do you check facebook or does facebook check you?
Do you seek solitude, or do you avoid being lonely?
Do you browse the internet while you are on skype?
Do you listen to music, or are you just blocking out the noise in your head?
Do you google before you think for yourself?
Do you want what you’re told you want?
Do you check the news more often than they appear?
Do you listen, or are you waiting for your turn, preparing your reply?
Do you listen to your self-talk? Do you listen to your gut?
Do you acknowledge the people around you?
Do you question your posessions and desires?
Do you read/watch television while you eat?
Do you chew?
Do you breathe?