constant comparison = no good

by Josh

Washing the dishes can be an activity full of meditation and insight.
Watching someone else do the dishes and talking to them is also nice, but it makes me slightly uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable because I feel like I am lazy in comaprison.
Yesterday, I eavesdropped on a conversation between the guy who did the dishes and the girl who dried the plates.
They did it well, with no hurry and they seemed to enjoy the shared activity and conversation.
“Comparing ourselves to others is bullshit, it’s simple maths” the guy stated.
I rocked backwards on my chair to be able to hear better.
“We can always only be one person”, he said as he immersed another plate in the soapy water.
“Whereas the people we compare ourselves to are an almost infinite number.
An infinite statistical sample.
And of course these people posess all the skills, all the wealth and all the good looks we might be dreaming of.
Imagine someone is a real asshole, but he is an amazing guitar player.
If you compare yourself to him on a guitar-level, you will always feel bad.
There will always be someone that is better than you in some respect.
But that’s all we ever see, and maybe we are not doing ourselves and each other justice.
Most people have low enough ideas about themselves anyway.
We just don’t give ourselves enough credit for who we are and what we mean to others.”

I sat back in my chair, relaxed and smiled as I watched them finish, suddenly comfortable with my inaction.