walking the talk

by Josh


I sat down with two good friends recently to write down some goals (using this very nice workbook).

One of the things I want to transform is this very blog that you are reading.

I had a fair bit of trouble sticking to my writing routine recently and the stuff I produced was rubbish. The project that once excited me so much had become a burden and made me feel like a miserable, accusatory hypocrite.

Although it might sound superficial, the goal is to have 1000 readers/month.
This might not reflect the quality of what I do here, but I figured that if more people read my stuff, the quality must have been improving.
My first idea was to simply write more.
Writing at least 350 words every day, 2 blogposts a week and commenting on other blogs should do the trick. Or so I thought.
I simply wanted to up the quantity of words and let the quality take care of itself.
…hmm, great idea for a minimalist blog…
Yesterday night it struck me.
Inside, I knew all along why I could not write, why my mojo was blocked.

“i am calling you out on your fakeness and negativety, i have my theory as to why you act like that ” – an anonymous contributor via mail

I have to restore my integrity with this blog.

There is no need to tell you all the ways in which I have been failing to walk my talk here.
But if you want to write about anything, you better make sure that you are willing to live the lifestyle that comes along with it.
If you want to write about cupcakes, you better start baking.
If I want to write about mindfulness, I need to practice meditation.
This is not about soul striptease, this is about honoring my word.
All I need to do is get back on track with my principles.
(No smoking, no porn, daily meditation & gratitude practice, cold showers,
acknowledging others, good food, good sleep, being here & now)
Inspiration to write will come.
Lookin’ forward to it.


I do not, at present do the catfood thing with my brother anymore