Principles – my mission statement

by Josh

the great grey yonder

Principles and values are extremely important.
They are like a compass or an anchor.
Something that we can hold to when the going gets rough.
Something that makes decisions easier and guides our daily deeds.
We all already have values and principles.
I just think that not everyone is aware of them.
In my recent process of setting goals with my friends Martin and Kamil, we asked ourselves what goals we want to achieve and how to do it.
But we also asked ourselves what principles we would like to follow.

So we all produced a mission statement.
I don’t like the word mission statement because it sounds like business and suits and fake smiles.
But call it whatever you want, I really recommend thinking about and writing down your principles like that.
We all have values and these principles, but maybe not a very clear idea of what they are.
Writing them down like this can leave you with a clear sense of what is important to you and how you want to go about life.
Give it a go!

Here is what I came up with:

I am proactive and I don’t look outside myself for the leader.
My default mode is action and play.
I do one thing at a time.
I pursue integrity and a complete job.
I try not to deal with the same issue twice.
I set priorities and act according to them.
Health, family and friends are the most important things in my life.
I upgrade the lives of people around me without downgrading mine.
I acknowledge people lavishly and often.
I stay curious and critical.
I trust my gut.
I listen to my body.
I practice gratitude.

Daily meditation
Early rising

No smoking
No porn
No checking facebook&mail more than three times a day