This is why YOU should start a blog

by Josh

Max Maximo -

Max Maximo –

Since you are most likely someone from my social network, perhaps you know my raves about how great it is to write a blog.
Chances are, that if you are reading this, then you have thought about setting up a blog yourself. Aye?

So I can not, neither do I want to tell you what to write about.
When I started with Dontwhistlewhileyoupee, I had no idea what content I was going to produce.
All I knew was that I wanted to make a difference and share about the things that make a difference for me.
So here’s the deal: Writing this blog has made an incredible difference for me.

A blog will motivate you to be the best version of yourself

It is this blog that keeps me motivated to
Get up early
Keep up with my daily meditation
Be able to stay away from porn
Stay sober
Exercise regularly
Eat mainly plants
… the list goes on
Just because I feel like I have to walk my talk. How could I even begin to try and make a difference for others if I couldn’t keep the principles I preach for myself.

It makes you happy
The act of creating something is a deeply satisfiying one. And when you create something around the things you are passionate about, it will make you happy, for sure.

It will boost an area of your life that you are passionate about
Of course you will not launch a blog about kangaroo boxing matches, when your passion clearly lies with breeding huge pumpkins.
You will launch your blog about something that rocks your boat.
And if you want to produce some content, you better start reading some books, doing some experiments or meet some people and discuss the matter.
Like when you start a blog about cupcakes, you better start baking a lot of cupcakes.
And if baking cupcakes is your passion, baking a lot of cupcakes will make you happy (and those around you, yum).

You will end the pipe-dreaming
Thoughts, ideas and all that wirble-warble in your head want to be expressed.
Just talking about stuff that you want to do or achieve will get you so much closer to that what you aspire.I know it sounds like a load of new-age-bollocks, but the mere act of expressing your ideas can get you a long way. Yes.
I would’ve never even started this blog if it wasn’t for the encouragement of others that I told about it.

You connect with like-minded people
Seth Godin talks about tribes.
When you start writing a blog, chances are that this is your first stepping stone to joining, or even leading a tribe. Like a tribe of bird-watchers. Or a heap of devoted
knitting hipsters, or a bunch of barefoot-bums… you get the point.
It has never been easier to find like-minded people.

It will improve the way you think
Trying to explain stuff is by far the most effective way to learn I know of, full stop.
And doing so in written language increases that effect by a factor of at least 15,5 (if not more). Writing is not hard, but writing in a way that is understandable is.
It will teach you how to make your point precisely and effectively, which is a great skill to have (some other guy told me :P)

It will improve your language use and vocabulary
I don’t need to stress this one. Written language is a whole different story to everyday chit-chat. This will seriously up the level of whatever language it is that you decide to write in.

It’s good for your CV
Well, not that I give a damn about CVs, but this blog has served me incredibly well to get jobs recently. Especially the guys from that toilet-cleaning job were super impressed with my use of alliterations.
No, joke aside, DWWYP was really useful in the sense of showing a certain level of devotion, internet-savvyness, English, writing, etc.

You are stingy
You’ve got all this incredible knowledge and wisdom and love and experiences and music and art sitting in your head. What good is it sitting in your head?
That’s like someone earning money just for the sake of earning money.
We are deeply social beings and sharing (even though it is “just” digital) can create tremendous value for a lot of good people. They will love you for it and you will feel good about yourself – which to me is the highest form of selfishness (in your face Schopenhauer).

Starting a blog has never been easier.
Getting a blog up and running on wordpress literally takes less than three minutes.
I know I said something about indernet-savvyness earlier… that’s something you definitely don’t need to start a blog. Therefore, my recommendation is to do it now. Click on that button down there and do it. You’ve been overthinking it for long enough now. It’s time to get moving!

So, if this one has got you pumped, I have achieved my goal.
Make sure to send me the link, I’d love to give you some feedback.
And even if you don’t want to start a blog, start sharing about the good things.
May the force be with you.