Revive the beast

by Josh

Complementary - by felinsky

Complementary – by felinsky

Good morning everyone.
Hello?! Anyone left out there?
Jokes aside, I am going to revive this blog!
Just like back in the days when I started, it’s a bit of a plunge.
I’m not entirely sure what I am going to write about but I am massivley looking forward to it!
Sometime in January, I just abandoned the blog.
In hindsight, it might be called arrogance that drove me to this sudden discontinuation.
Whatever it was, it was not the type of thing I like to perpetuate in my life. It’s like letting a pot plant die when just a little water is needed.
Little strokes fell big oaks.
Writing, just like running or meditating, is an activity that is easily abandoned.
There is very little immediate cost attached to not doing these things.
At the same time there is often very little immediate pleasure to be gained from them.
They’re more long-term oriented activities.
And writing in particular has driven me to be more future oriented in the past.
I want to make crazy plans again, like the turbolutions, or the vegan month or whatever.
But first things first:
This blog now has 71 articles.
From now on, I will post a new article every week, before 12:00 tuesdays, until I hit 100 articles. And then we’ll see how we go from there.
See you on the other side!