Where’s the bin?

by Josh

Static Eruption - felinsky.tumblr.com

Static Eruption – felinsky.tumblr.com

When friends visit me, some are puzzled by the fact that I don’t have a rubbish bin in my room.
Where’s the bin they ask me, crumpled paper in hand.
I don’t have one.
Why don’t you have one?
The short answer would be: I don’t want rubbish in my room.
The long answer has to do with nudging. Nudges are changes, often in the physical environment, that help us make better choices.
Ever seen one of these little painted flies in the mens pissoir? They nudge you towards proper aiming. Stripes on the road that decrease in distance to each other slow you down just before a dangerous turn. Like anyone else (I suppose) I feel most comfortable in a clean, cozy and simple environment, that allows the mind to relax.
The lack of a bin in my room nudges me to a) decrease the amount of rubbish I produce b) Do little bouts of cleaning my room, as there are usually several things that I could take out besides the random little piece of paper

So if there are things in my room that I don’t want to be there, the lack of a bin forces me to get rid of them immediately. It nudges me towards a clean room.

You may smirk at my superstitions, but I do believe that an uncluttered, clean desk / room / house / life has a massive impact on your life.
In reverse, your room may very well reflect your life in various ways.
A desk full of rubble may be the physical representation of a procrastination out of hand. I even think it has a lot to do with how lucky you get.
Rubbish, dirt, dust and clutter, as well as undelivered communications, long-held grudges and unforgiveness towards others and yourself all clog you up, tie you down and hamper your creativity and progress.
The Urban Dictionary defines the term “cleaning out one’s closet” as
“putting an end to the old way of living and starting a new life void of all the secrets and lies from the old life and filled with mental strenght”.

So if you don’t even have a closet / rubbish bin / man-drawer, there is no need to clean it out.

Having said that, I really need to decrease my posessions.
I moved back into my old childhood room recently and it is full of my old things.  
I’m hesitant to put a number to it, like owning only 100 things or so, but I will definitely decrease them radically in the coming three weeks. Pictures of my progress will follow.

Have a great week!