Nothing Childish in Child’s Play

by Josh

Roller -

Roller –

When I set out to start this blog anew, I had no doubt that I would find stuff to write about.
Turns out; I don’t actually.
When you first start with something, you gotta be comfortable with making a lot of stuff that is no good at all.
This is not about putting myself down, the point I want to make is, that anyone who first begins something will look like a fool.
You know how they say that children are especially gifted at learning languages?
Without much effort, I had picked up English as a kid, so I thought it must be true.
But if you really pay attention to how children learn languages, it’s not very fast or efficient at all. In fact, it’s an incredibly messy and chaotic way of learning.
They don’t have any advantage over us, except that they are not afraid of failure.
They are willing to give it all and make mistakes left right and center.
There is no attachment to getting it right, no shame if something doesn’t come out right or sounds weird. Imagine a toddler who is learning to walk and fell on his face, would just stay put and say: “This sucks, you know what, screw walking, I quit!”.
If you observe closely, children playing is very seldom a childish affair – they’re dead serious about it.
When my nephews put on a police uniform, they become police officers.
When they do Parkour, they do Parkour, and they give it all.
Most things I do, I kind of have the backdoor open, ready to quit any time, or laugh it off as an attempt.

So, when I write this blog, I know full well that it’s not all going to be great stuff.
Infact, most of it might be pretty average. What matters though, is that eventually I want to be able to write great stuff.
As Sebastian Marshall said:

If you want to make excellent stuff, you need to make a lot of stuff.

If you want to make a lot of stuff, you’ll make a lot of crap.

If you want to make excellent stuff, you need to make a lot of crap.

By the way, I went out to a fleamarket with my mum and together we sold lots of our old stuff and earned about 130€ netto with it. Not too bad and we had some quality time together. I also started selling lots of stuff on ebay, so I’m going more and more minimalist.
I want to be down to 300 items by 1.10.