Getting Lost

by Josh


My legs and joints were incredibly sore, my stomach was way beyong hunger and my head was throbbing. Where the hell was I?
Usually I find it much better not to eat anything at all before a run, than to have a meal bouncing around in my guts. This time however, I wished I had eaten something.
What was planned (and communicated to my girlfriend) as a 45 minute run had already spread into a 2 hour bushbash.
When I had left the beaten track, I felt good, but I was already looking forward to come home, to have breakfast and a good gulp of water.
Now I was somewhere in the undergrowth, following animal tracks and cursing my bad sense of direction.
Eventually I made my way into a valley, with an unknown village at the bottom.
From there, it was easy to navigate my way home, but it was still more than 7k to go.
After the steep descend, I knew there was a sturdy ascend in front of me.
I was hungry and very thirsty. I frequently paused my exhausted trot and walked for a few meters. My thoughts were racing and I didn’t enjoy a bit of it back then.

Just before I reached home just about three hours after I had left, I plucked an apple from a tree. Not a fancy apple, just a very simple juice-apple.
Without getting lost before, it would have just been any other apple.
Only the hunger, thirst and strain of the run made it one of the juiciest, tangiest, bestest apples I’ve ever eaten.

Exploring is great and there are a great many treasures to be found, most of them inside yourself.