Today is Tomorrow!

by Josh

Sold out

Sold out –

Invest  (from my macbook’s dictionary)
• [ trans. ] devote (one’s time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result

What are you investing into? Or: What are you invested into?
If I was to invest in a wind turbine park, I would do so in expectation of a greener future and potentially some revenue. But I’m not talking about monetary investment, at least not exclusively.
Actions, thoughts, spoken words and beliefs is more like it. Pretty much anything you can spend your moments on.
You are investing in some future at any given moment.

A lot of our daily constitution and experience of the present moment are defined by our expectations of the future.
“But no one can predict the future!” you may say. And you are right, but as human beings, we plan and think ahead all the time which usually gives us a pretty good idea of the things to come.
If a genie was to pop up in front of you right now and tell you that you have three wishes, it would dramatically alter your experience of this moment, because of your expectation of a future where you could leave your desk to go surfing in Brasil (for example).
So whether or not you think you do:
You always invest in something or are invested in some idea, belief or expectation of the future.
When you say: “Today is a beautiful day!” – You invest in that reality.
When you call it a f***ing miserable day, you invest in that one.
If you smile at someone, you invest in that relationship. If you drink a lot of booze, you invest in an unhealthy body and a potential addiction. If you watch a lot of porn, you invest in unreal expectations and… well, you get the point.
Think about how your current actions may reflect a future that you are – consciously or unconsciously – living into.
Becauuuseee: There is no future, only the present moment.
Nobody ever woke up tomorrow. You only ever wake up today. Only today, and today, and then there is now and now and now.
I encourage you to watch Groundhog Day with Bill Murray if you haven’t – a massively inspiring movie.
In this movie, he experiences the same day over and over and over again.
First he tries out all sorts of crazy stuff, then he tries to manipulate people, but eventually he looses interest and eventually  it drives him crazy. At some point however, he has an epiphany.
And he starts investing!
He takes piano lessons, learns to ice-carve and makes people happy wherever he can.
He accepts his fate and invests in a future he knows may never come.
Today is tomorrow