One Dirty Dish

by Josh

Chewed Up

Chewed Up –

First of all, I want to apologize, as I have not kept my word.
My promise is to post at least once a week, before Tuesday 12:00
I broke my word already last week (it was Tuesday ………) and this week again.
Now that’s not all that bad you may say. And it’s true, it isn’t.
I was only a few hours late and I still wrote my stuff. Nothing to make a big fuss about.
However, it is extremely important to acknowledge it and to recommit to it.
There are two reasons for this:

1. Adaptation
2. The accumulative nature of spaces that have no integrity

The quest to try and be a man of my word is like being a steam engine with a lot of holes and new holes show up all the time.
If I don’t keep up with filling these holes, I will eventually lose a lot of steam.

In order to train a flea, you put them in a jar. With their formidable strength, they will crash into the lid for a while, but at some point they will stop and only jump just about as high as the lid is, so they don’t bang their heads against it (if they have a head as such). When you take the lid off subsequently, they will not jump out of the glass anymore because the height of the lid has become their reference point.
If I don’t acknowledge that I didn’t honor my word, this will become my reference point and next week I might only post on Wednesday and before you know it, I’ve stopped posting altogether again.
Your last performance becomes your reference point. And if you didn’t keep your word in one way or another, you will use that as your reference point.
Any practice is a constant struggle against the lid of you flea-mind. It will go lower all by itself, but takes conscious effort to maintain, or raise its height.
This conscious effort sometimes involves restoring your word, but always involves recommiting to your cause.

Small trespassings over what we give our word to, tend to grow bigger and bigger.
It is like leaving just one dirty dish in the sink.
One dirty dish is not all that bad by itself, and it takes almost no effort to clean it up. The problem is, that dirty dishes tend to accumulate. If you’ve ever heard of the broken window theory, you know that one broken window in a street can attract various forms of deviant behaviour, as well as accumulations of litter and of course more broken windows.
One of the big things of being a minimalist, is the constant battle against the accumulation of stuff in my room.

So to sum up this weeks article: Screw up, fill your holes and keep jumping!

Oh yeah, and from now on fresh posts befo’ 12:00 fo shaw!