Baby Wisdom #2

by Josh


I can be very very very grumpy in the morning.
Little if anything makes me aware of gravitational force like creeping out of my bed in the morning.
But I love being woke up by my nephews, who are two and three years old.
When they open the door in the morning (usually at a very early hour) they radiate a curiosity and energy that just makes me want to be awake.
Playing with them makes the sluggishness go away incredibly quickly.
Sometimes I turn into a monster, often we just do some sort of gymnastics together, or they just jump around me until I get up. And I don’t mind for a second.
This morning, amid the turmoil that is getting little kids fed and ready to go  I noticed that the smaller one of the two was looking out of the window.
He just stood there in perfect silence, staring into what looked to me like any other grey october morning.
We called him and he didn’t respond, so I just plucked him up and carried him – protesting and wiggling – downstairs. While my sister and I got the bike and kiddie-carriage ready, he snuck away.
There he was, in front of the window again, taking in the view, as if he was looking at grand canyon or some other magnificent sight.
He radiated complete and utter presence.
I picked him up again, more carefully this time and he said: “da….da” and pointed out the window.
I had not the slightest clue what he was pointing at.
For me, it was just any grey morning in late october with nothing special to behold.
But for him, there was an unutterable fascination in what he saw.
The fascination of the present moment – whatever perceptual stimuli it might hold, is something I envy him for.

Meditation and mindful breathing only slowly gets me back into this realm, as I try to disentangle the immediate world of my senses from the meanings and accustomed boredom my limbic system attaches to all of it.