Current commitments and productivity tweaks

by Josh


When I think about the way I spend my time, boredom should really not be an option.
And yet, there are a lot of times, when I think back about my day, that it seems like I have spent my day in a boring way.
As Tim Ferriss explains: Happiness is not about the absence of discomfort, but about the absence of boredom. “The opposite of happiness is boredom” he says.
And I totally agree.
Here are some of the things that I’ve been doing lately to avoid boredom.
To several people around me, I gave my word to:

-Meditate daily for at least 15 minutes
-Write down three things I’m grateful for, before I go to bed
-Showering as cold as possible after every regular shower, and stay until my body has acclimatized to the temperature and I can stop jumping and hooting
– Getting at least 50 Points on Duolingo every day
– Write at least 200 Words every day
-Writing a blog post every week before Tuesday 12:00 CET
– and a bunch of smaller goals and timelines related to finding a job, which is my main
focus these days

Ok, after having written these down, I realize that this doesn’t sound uber-exciting (apart from the cold showers I tell ya).
Basically my main game these days is to do more.
To put more life in my hours so to say.

Still, I track all these things (and some others) in google-based spreadsheets for others to see, which helps me a ton. I have some great friends who keep me accountable.
This makes all the difference as I struggle heavily to fulfill on commitments with myself.
And it’s not that these other people have to motivate me. Most of the motivation comes from the knowledge that there’s someone else to do it for.
(Thanks to all of you who keep me motivated with writing, I appreciate it a lot.)

I am just starting to realize the power of publicly committing to something, giving my word to it, rather than going crazy trying to motivate myself.
It’s about saying yes and allowing others to kick my ass when I’m complacent.