A new Carpe Diem

by Josh

IMG_1953 I’m in Brazil. Likely I would not be here if I didn’t have a daily routine of meditation. There are very few immediate benefits to be had from meditating. Maybe calm, maybe inner peace, maybe insight, but nothing is guaranteed. One thing is for sure though – you will listen to yourself. To the constant babble up there. That ever flowing, never-ceasing, unsolicited commentary. And a little less than two weeks ago, when I sat down for my daily (at least) fifteen minutes I had an idea – or better – I noticed that an idea was inside of me. I wanted to go to Brasil. My father goes to Brazil every year at least once and he always invites me along. For various reasons, it’s been thirteen years since I last said yes. Expectant of some great career opportunity, I had declined for this year as well. I had just watched a video about a guy who has become famous via these 7 second videos, where he poses the following question:

“Imagine, you are ninety-nine years old, and on your deathbed, and you get the opportunity to teleport yourself back to the present moment – What would you do?”

To me, this appeared as a fresh new take on the old “live as if you were to die tomorrow-thing”. After all, if I were to die tomorrow, I would spend the day with my family and loved ones – not bungee jumping, overdosing on heroin or some other dumb stuff. So anyway, I meditated on this question and the outcome is, that I am now sitting on a balcony overlooking the hustle bustle of  the Brazilian boomtown Sorocaba, awaiting a meal of beans and rice, after which I will return to practicing my Portuguese like a madman. Flying here decreased my bank account by a considerable amount, not to mention the ensuing cognitive dissonance about my CO2 footprint. But I’m happy. And my Old Man is happy. Many yays. Katsu!