Exercising the muscle of quick decisions

by Josh

a very befuddling traffic light in Sao Paulo

a very befuddling traffic light in Sao Paulo – notice the absence of advertisement boards, banned since 2007

Decisions are hard.
Or so it seems, at times.
I have written before, how I’ve taken some of my best decisions from a feeling in my tummy.
However, you can’t force your tummy to come up with a feeling when faced with a tough decision.
There is a way to train it though.

Very good advice came from my brother yesterday.
We prepared a simple meal together over a bottle of delicious smoked beer.
“It’s the disease of our generation” he said, releasing the insides of four eggs into a bowl. “We are blessed with so much comfort and freedom that we are left paralyzed with taking decisions and pushing through with them”.
I nodded and continued to wash the salad.
“You can train it though” he went on “with small things – be quick about it – starting now, if there is something you feel you should or want to do – you just do it.”
Although I was very inspired and taken by his advice, my reply was typical: ” Yeah that sounds like a good thing to try sometimes”.
I caught myself though, and told him that I would definitely do it, and practice it.
And here I am, at 7:00, writing away at a long overdue article, looking out to what I expect to become a very productive day.
Just this morning, I noticed, how I tried to talk myself into how hard it is to get up that early in the morning, and back into bed.
That’s what I’v done in a lot of areas in my life: Convinced myself of how hard it is and how I therefore can’t be asked to put in the effort.
With this practice, I will train myself to take decisions more quickly, and to put less effort into convincing myself about how hard life is.
Small decisions and big decisions.