New Habits for 2015

by Josh

Outside of Chaos Communication Congress 2014

Outside of Chaos Communication Congress 2014

Isn’t it funny how in hindsight, even a whole year can seem like a glimpse?
I often imagine myself on my deathbed and I’m sure, looking back on my life, the feeling will be the same.

It’s 8 am and the light outside is still dim. The only building I can see from my window is our little local power plant. Silently a steady stream of smoke rises straight up towards the grey sky. Everything out there is either grey, black or white. Quite nice actually. But it is hard to imagine that all of this used to be green. If I sat here in summer, I’d wonder how any of this could be anything but green.

I have asked a lot of people about their new years resolutions, but few people seem to make any. “These things don’t work” is a response I often heard, and “if I don’t already have a burning desire to do it, why start now?”.
Hmm well, okay. I guess starting new stuff just because it is a new calendar year is somewhat arbitrary. I like it though. I like assessing what’s important to me and how I could tweak my days to be more effective about it.
So here’s what matters:

What matters is the present moment and what lies ahead.
So much time to be filled with meaning and purpose. Many yays to be hooted and tears  to be shed.
I sure look forward to 2015, as every year, I declare it to be the best year ever.
Not like something that needs to be lived up to, but a declaration to live by.
What strikes me as most important when setting the plan for a new year is something like best practices and effective habits that allow for slow and steady growth.
Growth and development rarely is a planned out thing, but rather a chaotic effort.
So what are the things  that matter this year?

1.Staying healthy, fit and strong
2.Family & friends
3.Getting out of my comfort zone
4.Creative Work
5.Learning Languages

in roughly that order as well.
Of course, health and family are very close, but good health and stamina affect all other areas, so they are the base.

What habits, or systems am I going to put, or keep in place in these areas?
1. -After every shower, I am going to take a maximum cold shower, until I get used to the temperature . This is a good one, as it is outside of my comfort zone as well.
-I will do at least 30min. of exercise every day.
-At least 15min. of meditation every day.
2. I am going to cook something vegan for or with other people at least once a week. This is great as it will also support my health.
3. I will do one thing every day that gets me out of my comfort zone. This could be anything from a cold shower to a run in the dark forest, or talking to a stranger.
4. I am going to write at least 300 words every day, as part of a morning routine.
Get up> Write > exercise > meditate > brekkie
Play more guitar
6. I will improve my French and Portugese with Duolingo, attempting a 365-day streak of 20 points per language and day, giving me 7300 XP per language in 2015.

Furthermore, every sunday I will add a planning session of an hour, to draft the upcoming week and what I’d like to accomplish in the time given.
This is going to be key in order not to get stressed about any of the above items.

What are you up to this year?
What’s your take on New Years resolutions?
Happy New Year!