One week of new Habits

by Josh

A rather large bamboo shoot in the Brazilian rainforest

A rather large bamboo shoot in the Brazilian rainforest, next to my foot for scale

My resolution has been running for one week so far, and it is great.
I especially like the 30min. of exercise integrated in my morning routine.
Whatever floats my boat, I do it. So far I went running, did handstands, pullups, yoga and juggling – who knows what comes up next?
It feels good anyway to exercise my body and practice the use of it, like an instrument.
My only somewhat undefined resolution is to “play more guitar”, which has happened twice so far, so thats pretty good too.
I am also happy about the meditation and writing routine, as well as my Duolingo lessons.
By the way, if you are into learning languages, you should definitely go and check out Duolingo (no affiliation). They offer comprehensive, fun and playful language lessons for FREE.
I’ve also already had the inevitable moments of weakness, when I come home exhausted and don’t feel like doing any of these routines.
It’s important to plan ahead for these pitfalls. So thus far, I am just running on willpower. Willpower may fail someday. So two friends and me set up a simple google-docs spreadsheet to track our progress and are currently trying to come up with ideas for a penalty. The idea is to make mising one day of your routine less appealing, by attaching some sort of cost to it. The catfood thing is not to their liking, and just putting money in a pot is not too fun either.

So far I am quite happy with how things are going, and I will keep you posted on how it all works out. Maybe I will even publicize my spreadsheet 😉
It’s a crispy cold day out there, waiting to be conquered, seized, or whatever you want to call it.
Time to sit my ass down for some meditation.