Supermarket Interior Design Time Thieves (rant)

by Josh

IMGP4900If you don’t feel like reading a rant, don’t read this article.
You kow what pisses me off these days? Supermarket interior designers.
First I went to Aldi, then I went to Rewe. I have no affiliation with either of them, this is generally Cheap-o vs. “Premium”.
So Aldi is as you most likely know, a cheap-o store, known for a very decent quality. Their interior design, some would say, is functional, others might call it plain ugly. Rewe on the other hand, is more premium, with fancy lighting, fancy products and – supposedly fancy, well-paid interior designers.
So what!? These designers are just there to make the store look pretty, aren’t they?
No they’re not. They are evil, heartless beings who try to steal the most precious thing you have: your time.
Finding my way around Aldi is a piece of cake. Finding my way around Rewe is a flippin nightmare.
At Aldi, I can just look from one end of the store all the way to the other side. It is fairly easy to find what I need. Products are organized reasonably logically, like all tins in one place, all milk products along one wall of coolers.
At Rewe everything seems like a damn arbitrary retarded rollercoaster of dumb “pretend to be order”- disorder.
The shelves are very high, and organized like a maze, with no logical order whatsoever.
They have signs, that say “pasta” and stuff like that, but you wouldn’t need signs in the first place if everything was organized logically.

These days, you can get a degree in how to organize the interior of a supermarket so that people spend a maximum amount of money inside it.
When I once took a course on consumer behaviour, one thing I learned was that the amount of time that people spend in a store directly correlates to how much money they spend.
So making people hang out in the store longer = more profit.
The easiest way to make people hang out longer = prevent them from finding what they’re looking for.

The cameras are no longer to watch out for thieves, they are there to monitor your movements, to create heat-profiles of where people stay longest inside the store and which routes they take. The cameras are there, so they can screw you better ( quote from Hans Sibbel).

And behind them, in the pale light of their screens and statistics are the disgusting slimey time-thiefs, rubbing their hands as they see your life-time running into their pockets.
Disgusting. This is the kind of person that are in active pursuit of making the world a worse place, just so they can earn a few cents more. Shame on you, you filthy greedy bastards!