My very own Snowcave

by Josh


I am currently in southern Germany, on a lovely little getaway with my brother, my sister, her boyfriend and her two sons. We are having a great time playing and cooking and skiing and snowboarding and all that.
Last week, I was doubting whether I should go, because the trip will leave me pretty much completely broke. Quality time with the family is rare however and it’s totally worth it, every penny. And today I even got to fulfill a forgotten childhood dream of mine.

A snowcave.
There is more snow here than I have ever seen in my life.
The snow here is just above a meter high, so it is possible to dig a hole and then from there, build a snowcave by just digging horizontally. Don’t ask me why, but I have always dreamed of doing that.
This morning, I was looking after my nephew, who is just over two years old.
We went for a little walk and when I spotted a decent spot, I propped him into the snow next to me and started digging. He cheered, and looked for snow rabbits while the hole was growing.

It is strange, but sitting in a hole in the snow makes me very very happy.
It’s a simple and quiet happiness and it makes me feel at ease with the world and all.
It is great how the snow muffles sounds and it has that wonderful sweet scent.
I had many moments of joy and success these days, especially with snowboarding, something had never done before. But sitting in that snowhole was an entirely different thing.