Some sound advice

by Josh

Some good advice

This ain’t the shire!?!

This blog has many airy-fairy articles on it, so this week, I thought I’d share some solid advice.

1. Breathe
Taking a deep breath brings you back to the present moment, to what is happening
around you and who you are with. It eases strong emotions and aids clear thinking.

2. Wash your hands when you are around a lot of people

There is a huge wave of flu and colds at the moment in Germany. The simplest way
to protect yourself, is to wash your hands frequently. There is no need to become
obsessed with it, but hand-to-face is one of the easiest ways for infections to enter
your body.

3. You don’t get what you don’t ask for

Too many times in life, we expect our standpoints to be very clear when infact they
are not. Many great opportunities are wasted simply because we fail to make a
straightforward request.

4. Be a water glutton
I would never tell you that you have to drink at least 8,5 litres of water every day.
There is no way to tell how much you actually need. What I do know is that it is
basically impossible to over-hydrate (unless you run a marathon, have kidney
problems, or hold your pee for too long). Whenever I feel unwell, tired, anxious, sick,
ill or otherwise out of the zone, my first remedy is to drink more. You can never go
wrong with being properly hydrated.

5. Easy on the sugar
Luckily, I always tried to be as cool as my brother. He never liked sugary stuff much.
So I copied that  and I think it does a lot for my health. And besides, I dont like it
much neither. When I eat lots of sugar, I feel agitated, tired and often very very
hungry (or better hangry) after a while. Think about it. If something
gives you a toothache while you eat it, it will not do good to your internals either.
It will feed lots of little bacteria that you don’t want to be fed and maybe you even
feel guilty too.