Back on the Catfood

by Josh

Screen shot 2015-03-31 at 10.04.22

My brother approached me last week asking me whether I would like to do the catfood thing again.
What for? I was intrigued.
He told me how he’d gotten into a casual habit of smoking again and how it was bugging him.
I was kind of aloof about it, but I said yes and we shook hands on it.
Then, just last weekend I was the driver when my friends and me hit up a party.
Sure enough, I was looking for a diversion other than a cold one.
So my guess would be that that handshake has already saved my lungs from at least three cigarettes, but who could tell?
This is good, I love it.

For those who don’t know:
The catfood thing means that we made an agreement, that we can still smoke as much as we want, but for each cigarette we smoke, we have to eat a spoonful of catfood.