Fear and Lazyness

by Josh

Puddy Tat in a graveyard in Sao Paolo

Which is the most universal human characteristic? Fear or laziness? asks Philosophy Professor Louis Mackey in Richard Linklaters’ Waking Life.

What do you think?

For myself I am pretty sure that, by nature,  I am more often fearful than lazy.
Just simple self expression can seem like such a daunting task at times.
Not to mention singing, or dancing, or talking to strangers, or writing stuff.

Fear in and of itself is not a bad thing. And neither is laziness. They both have their value and their function.
Fear can even be used as a compass in life. And a spot of laziness should be thoroughly enjoyed on a regular basis.

Together however, they pack a powerful punch.
They’re friends. Sometimes they can be seen, hand in hand, happily skipping down loser lane, where the shriveled up corpses of dreams, ambitions and weird ideas litter the streets.

Sometimes I use my fear to explain away something, where I was just actually to lazy to get my buttocks up and do something.
Other times, I pretend to be too lazy to pursue happiness, when I was in reality scared stiff by some circumstance of the challenge.

Don’t let that happen.
Life is short, and life is always now.
Or, as the proverb goes: “tomorrow never comes”

I guess the best way to approach this, is relaxed.
There is no need to force anything, and things that are forced tend to come out crooked.
My approach to fear and lazyness have become somewhat fluid.

I think Lao Tzu said that nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
That’s a pretty good approach to this, I guess.
There is no need and no use, to go nuts about challenges and being active all the time, or to make yourself wrong if you fall short.

When you are lazy, be lazy. When you are scared, be scared.
Just don’t let it run your life.
Play around with it.
Remember to brush your teeth, and climb a tree once in a while.

And please, please, please (with cream on top) be as weird as you want to be (you have my royal permission)!